How Does the ACPE Office Support Communities of Practice of ACPE?

ACPE staff are available to support the communities of practice in carrying out their work, through consultation, conferencing technology, event support, budget monitoring, and more.

Director of Communities of Practice

The director is available for consultation on programming, structure, events, and communications.

On-line Communities

Each CoP has access to the Microsoft 365 suite of tools available to all ACPE members. Yammer is a social networking service for association-wide collaboration with Facebook-style communication including the ability to post links, videos, emojis, and GIFs. CoPs also migrated to Yammer for a much more user-friendly experience including conversation, sharing, polling, and file storage. Once in Yammer, click on “ACPE Groups” to view the Communities of Practice. ACPE members must opt in to “follow” conversations in Yammer.

Conference or Video Conference Calls

ACPE office staff will gladly set up Zoom video meetings for CoPs that wish to meet using this video conferencing platform. Please fill out the request form found here: virtual meeting request form, with at least 24 hours advance notice. You will be forwarded a link that you can then share with your CoP members.

Event Support

The ACPE office staff is available to support all CoP gatherings, regardless of size or need. Staff can provide services from sourcing a location for your meeting, through final bill payments.

  • Sourcing/Location: If a hotel or facility needs to be selected, staff can assist in identifying quality options. If you have a venue in mind, office staff can help you ask the right questions to get the best possible agreement. All hotel/facility contracts must be reviewed and signed by the ACPE office team.
  • Liability Coverage: All events, even the smallest event with no budget, should be reported to ACPE in order that the event can be placed under ACPE’s liability coverage. ACPE carries event liability insurance coverage to protect us in the event of property loss, damage, injury. Do note, this does not provide for cancellation penalties in the event of a need to decrease or cancel a program plan.
  • Payment Coverage: As long as you have been approved for funding, we will provide for all payments to contractors and vendors. It is preferable to pay all payments from the ACPE office, direct to the source, with a completed W9 or business invoice on file. Appropriate reimbursement for planning and program expenses will be made if advanced payment from the office is not feasible.
  • Online Registration: Online registration for any CoP event can be established on the ACPE website. This is recommended, but not required. A minimum of two weeks advance notice is required.
  • Onsite Support: If an event requires onsite support by ACPE staff, please contact the staff as soon as possible. Staff travel costs will be charged to the CoP, and should be included in the funding requests.
  • Promotional Work: The ACPE office staff can help publicize events that are open to all of ACPE. By request, the communications staff can help create an attractive flyer, and distribute this through ACPE communication channels.

CoPs are encouraged to communicate early and often with ACPE staff about any events they are planning.