The Accreditation process begins with a determination of eligibility. This process is applicable to brand new programs. Please note that the total time frame from the submission of materials to the issuing of the letter of Pre-Provisional Approval is a minimum of 120 days.


  1. Initiate consultation with the ACPE office and Chair-Elect of the Accreditation Commission
  2. Submit form for Accreditation Review Request, pay the required fee, receive access to the Accreditation Portfolio in SharePoint.
  3. Upload all required materials to the Accreditation Portfolio and notify the chair-elect that materials are ready for review a minimum of 60 days in advance of the anticipated date for the virtual visit.
  4. Respond to Site Visit Report Part I according to established timeline.
  5. Receive Site Visit Report Part II.
  6. Begin units of CPE upon receiving letter of Pre-Provisional Accreditation from the Chair-Elect of the Accreditation Commission
  7. Await notification of Commission Action (30 days following the conclusion of the Commission Meeting) for Provisional Accreditation, which is valid for up to two years.
  8. Commission Action determines the next steps for the center. If the Commission:
    1. Grants Provisional Accreditation, the program will have up to two years to apply for full Accreditation, which will include a full, in-person site visit. It may apply upon successful completion of two (2) units of CPE.
    2. Grants Provisional Accreditation with Deficiencies, the Commission will specify corrective actions needed and may require an additional virtual or in person site visit prior to removing the Deficiencies.
    3. Deny Provisional Accreditation, the center must complete units in progress but must stop advertising for new students and may not begin new units of CPE.