This manual is designed to help with understanding the Accreditation Process, Standards, and how programs are able to demonstrate compliance.

The multiple sections of the manual will illuminate the various aspects of the Accreditation process:

  • Updates to the Manual: This section will be where substantive changes to the manual are noted. Except in cases of regulatory or emergent policy changes, updates to the manual will be published in mid-September and will go into effect on January 1.
  • Introduction: The Introduction section provides an overview of accreditation and offers a foundation and philosophy for accreditation with ACPE.
  • The Accreditation Process: This section explains the process of becoming an accredited program as well as the requirements for the maintenance of accreditation once achieved.
  • ACPE Accredited Program Standards and Portfolio Expectations: The ACPE Accredited Program Standards were adopted by the Board of Directors in May, 2018 and went into effect as of January 1, 2020. When you click on the link for each standard, you will be taken to a page for that standard that will include the following:

At the top of each page is the standard itself. Each standard represents a particular element of ACPE’s vision and requirements for its accredited programs.

Following each standard is a rationale that aims to lend further understanding to the “why” of the standard.

After the rationale is a list of items that a program must include in its accreditation portfolio to demonstrate compliance. Reviewers will utilize these items to determine if a center is in compliance with the Standard, which is supported by assessing each of the indicators.

  • Required Program Policies & Procedures: This section contains those policies and procedures that are mandated by the Accreditation Commission. It also includes a listing of the ACPE complaint processes. Programs must provide direct links to these documents in their materials for easy and direct access by students.
  • Supporting Documents: This section contains links to documents referenced throughout the manual. These documents contain general resource information.
  • The Accreditation Commission: This section explains the functioning of the Accreditation Commission. It also includes the policies and practices that guide the work of the Commission.
  • Definition of Terms: This is a list of terms that are used throughout the manual for our educational contexts. In addition to definitions, some terms also have links to external sites that provide further explanation and offer examples. If you have questions about a term, definition, or interpretation, please be in touch with your Accreditation Commissioner.