Keeping your Community of Practice Alive and Well

An ACPE CoP will have responsibilities in the maintenance of the community, including stimulating and monitoring active engagements; promoting of visiting experts, or sharing of other relevant information; event coordination if applicable; and routine reporting as required or requested.

It is the responsibility of the CoP to continue to provide for the three fundamental elements of a CoP: domain of knowledge, community of practitioners who care about this domain; and, shared practice developing to be effective in their domain. Annual goals are expected of each CoP, in order to provide markers for achievement. And, the operating principles of an ACPE community must be upheld at all times.

The Membership

It is critical that each CoP have a person(s) appointed to cultivate and enhance community growth, establishing an on-going membership circle. It is through participation and active engagement that a CoP can fulfill its core purpose and goals. Each CoP should actively share and promote the work of the group.

Every CoP must initially have a group of eight or more practitioners in order to register as an ACPE CoP. These charter members may drop from the group after some time, but the requirement of eight or more engaged practitioners does apply at all times.

It is assumed that CoP membership is open to all ACPE members. However, there may be good reasons for a particular CoP to limit its membership to a particular group of ACPE members. Please consult with your PWB liaison and/or ACPE Director to establish and formalize these membership limits.

Membership is by self-selection. Individuals will “follow” or “unfollow” an online community, which establishes their membership(s) as they choose. No one is allowed to sign up or remove an individual’s selection without their written request to do so.

Membership in a CoP is a commitment to support the charter/mission of the CoP, to actively engage in and contribute to conversations and the work of a CoP. As well, to participate in gatherings and events, and to serve in leadership roles whenever possible.

Membership in an unlimited number of ACPE CoP’s is a benefit of membership in ACPE, Inc. There is never an enrollment or membership fee required to join any community.

ACPE Community of Practice Pulse Survey

Every registered CoP is required to complete the ACPE CoP Pulse Survey form utilizing the guidelines for evaluation. This report is a self-assessment on the health, success and value of the CoP. This form will ask guiding questions about the work this CoP has engaged in, in serving the members and supporting the mission of the ACPE.

The report will be due annually, by January 30th, for the year prior. The form will be available on the ACPE website for completion and submission.

If a CoP fails to provide the required report by the deadline, the CoP will be suspended from activity pending a completed report and/or successful review by the PWB Committee.