Create and register your Community of Practice

In order to be supported through ACPE, each CoP will need to go through the process of applying to be recognized as a registered CoP. Here’s how…

  • Step 1: A community begins as a group of eight or more practitioners in the field of spiritual care and education. These individuals must be members in good standing with ACPE, Inc.
  • Step 2: Developing a CoP, recruiting members, supporting those members in the actions/goals of the CoP, maintaining the health and value of a CoP, and fulfilling the administrative obligations of a CoP involves intensive work, and requires a commitment to the purpose, and dedication to the duties by those that lead. Determine your leadership structure. A convener is the only position that is required. It is up to the initial group of members to determine the best leadership structure for their CoP, whether roles are defined and individuals are assigned to certain tasks, or one person is ready to take on the administrative load. The designated CoP convener should not assume all duties on their own.
  • Step 3: Develop your community’s core purpose statement. As described in the introduction section of this guide, you see that a core purpose statement should address the background that led to this developing CoP, the mission and values of the group, and the goals and principles for your CoP.
  • Step 4: What will be the common means of convening for your CoP? Will you generally meet monthly, perhaps entirely via a conference call, will you have one large event per year? Be as creative in your “how” as you wish to be; be as valuable as possible to your members and all of ACPE in the domain of knowledge that is represented by the community; and, be mindful and prudent of costs, as share support and funding opportunities across the organization for the greatest possible outcomes.
  • Step 5: Now that your group is formed around a common sense of purpose, and all have agreed to work together to cultivate and enhance community, share knowledge, create best practice and foster innovation, you are ready to complete the registration process to become an officially recognized ACPE CoP. The registration form for an ACPE CoP is always available on the ACPE website under the resources section. Complete the application and click submit.
  • Step 6: The ACPE Professional Well Being Committee will review the registration application at their next monthly meeting. A letter of approval/denial/request for more information will be sent to the convener on record within 30 days of this meeting.
  • Step 7: The approval letter will include details on the online resources available to CoPs. The convener of record will liaison with the office staff to ensure that all information is accurate