ACPE maintains a record of all accreditation decisions for one review cycle (Six Years) and in accordance with the requirements of the U.S. Department of Education.

  1. The Commission maintains a permanent record of:
    1. all provisional accreditation decisions.
    2. all accreditation decisions, including all adverse actions.
  2. The Commission maintains accreditation records:
    1. for one complete accreditation review cycles. An accreditation review cycle is six years;
    2. records related to a program’s Provisional Accreditation status for six years following the granting of Accredited Member status.
  3. Materials maintained in a member program’s online portfolio include:
    1. Self study or feasibility study
    2. Site Visit Reports and program responses for all accreditation reviews
    3. Record of any commission action with the program, including:
      1. Reports of consultations and/or site visits, and
      2. Correspondence related to the program’s accreditation.
    4. Reports of Commission actions.
    5. Program responses to issues of non-compliance and/or any adverse action imposed by Commission.