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Standard 1 – Educational Environment
A center has an educational plan that engages its students in a process model of education and clinical method of learning, ensuring an educational environment and clinical population that present appropriate learning opportunities, sites, and placements for student engagement and spiritual care.

Standard 2 – Curriculum
A center has an articulated curriculum for its educational programs and demonstrates a continuous process for improvement of its curriculum.

Standard 3 – Educational Resources
A center provides the framework and resources necessary to support and facilitate student learning.

Standard 4 – Management of CPE Programs
A center demonstrates consistent and fair management of its programs for all students.

Standard 5 – Infrastructure and Financial Resources
A center demonstrates financial resources, effective leadership, collaborative relationships with stakeholders, and the structures and processes necessary to meet program goals during the period of its accreditation and employs a planning process which allows for sustainability and continuing vitality.

Standard 6 – Continuous Improvement
A center demonstrates how it addresses continuous improvement of its operations and program management.

Standard 7 – Ethical Integrity and Cultural Responsiveness
A center upholds ACPE Values and evidences ethical conduct and responsibility.