ACPE provides for international guest supervisors (IGS) to supervise students in ACPE Accredited Member centers in the U.S. for a defined period of time.


  1. International Guest Supervisor:
    1. meets the requirements for ACPE Certified Educator;
    2. has a contract with an ACPE accredited member center specifying a clear, time bound length of stay;
    3. holds International Guest Member status in ACPE; and
    4. seeks consultation with the Certification Commission within the first program unit to assist with understanding of ACPE requirements for accredited programs, current ACPE culture, outcomes, strategic initiatives, etc.
  1. Hiring Center:
    1. establishes a contract with the IGE for a time limited period, up to one year;
    2. reimburses for services at rate commensurate with norm for area in which located;
    3. ensures that documentation is submitted to the Certification Commission;
    4. ensures that IGE ACPE membership dues are paid (either by the guest educator or hiring center); and
    5. ACPE Certified Educator must co-sign all evaluations and submit the student unit reports.


  1. International Guest Educator:
    1. submits required documentation to the Certification Commission for review; and
    2. upon approval, becomes an International Guest Educator Member and pays required fee to ACPE.
  1. Hiring center:
    1. establishes a written contract with the IGS; and
    2. ACPE Certified Educator co-signs student evaluations and submits student unit reports.
  1. Certification Commission:
    1. reviews and approves or rejects International Guest Educator status; and
    2. if status is approved, assigns an ACPE Certified Educator as mentor.
    3. if approved, a member of the Commission meets with the International Guest Educator within first program unit to assist the guest educator in understanding current ACPE culture, outcomes, strategic initiatives, etc and to engage in mutual learning.

Submit to Certification Commission: