Launching and responding to a complaint is intensive and demanding, not to be undertaken casually. One should study the instructions closely and prepare carefully and thoughtfully for participation.

Making an Ethics Allegation:

A. Grievances giving rise to a complaint should first be addressed at the local level. Attempts should be made to resolve grievances in an informal collegial manner.

B. If a grievance about an ACPE member or ACPE center is not resolved informally, the complainant(s) may file a formal complaint with the center. The complaint should be processed according to the procedures of the center for handling complaints, preferably within 60 days of the center’s receiving the complaint.

C. If the complaint is not resolved at the center level or issues remain over which ACPE has jurisdiction, the complainant may file a complaint with the Executive Director of the ACPE:

Executive Director
ACPE, Inc.
1 Concourse Parkway
Suite 800
Atlanta, GA 30328


with the Executive Director of the APC:
2800 W. Higgins, Suite 295
Hoffman Estates, Illinois 60169