When a program is not in compliance with a standard or policy of the Accreditation Commission, the Commission will issue a Letter of Non-Compliance to the center. The letter will include an explanation of the non-compliance, what the program needs to demonstrate to return to compliance, and a specific time frame for the program to respond to the letter, not to exceed 6 months or 1 year, as determined by the Commission. The Commission will review responses to areas of non-compliance at their regularly scheduled meetings and will notify programs of the outcome within 30 days of the conclusion of the meeting.

If a program does not address identified issues within the time frame specified by the Commission, the Commission may grant an extension under the following conditions when the program:

  • is without an ACPE Certified Educator during the assigned period. The program may not admit students, continue programs in progress, or offer programs of ACPE CPE in the absence of an ACPE Certified Educator.
  • hires a new Certified Educator during the specified period of the non-compliance.
  • does not offer enough units to demonstrate compliance within the specified time.

Programs requesting an extension must do so in writing to their assigned accreditation commissioner.

If the Commission determines that the program meets one of the above criteria, an extension can be no more than six months.

If the Commission determines that the program did not meet the criteria for an extension, one of the following actions will occur:

  • Suspend the program’s accredited status.
  • Terminate program’s accredited status.