The role of an ACPE Certified Educator within a CPE program and the institution that is hosting the CPE program will be unique to each context. In an effort to help educators and the hosting institution determine an appropriate workload, the Commission has developed both policy and guidance.


1. An ACPE Certified Educator may not supervise/assume responsibility for more than 13 full-time equivalent (FTE) students at one time.
2. A Certified Educator Candidate (CEC) may not supervise more than 6 students in total. For a CEC’s workload, this counts half time and full time students in the same way.


The maximum numbers are derived from past experience and assume that the ACPE Certified Educator is a full-time educator.

As a CEC’s students are ultimately the responsibility of the ACPE Certified Educator who is supervising the CEC, it is recommended that if a program is accredited for Certified Educator CPE, that there be at least one ACPE Certified Educator for every three CEC’s at their program. The students with whom a CEC is working are counted towards the ACPE Certified Educator’s total number of FTE’s. Each program is unique and the role(s) that an educator fills differ within each context, so it is left up to the discretion of the program, in collaboration with the ACPE Certified Educator, to determine the proper workload for each educator.

As indicated in Standard 3, programs will be expected to provide an analysis of each educator’s workload, including how it was determined and how it meets (or is not meeting) the needs of the program, the students, and the educator. Programs are expected to provide relevant data to support its decisions.