Once chosen by the local center, and prior to the ACPE interview, the applicant must view the following videos:

The applicant will write a brief reflection on each of the videos, demonstrating their understanding of the major ideas of each and include these reflections in their portfolio.

The training educator will arrange for the applicant’s interview. The interview committee will be comprised of three persons. The interview can be arranged in person or via video conference and will include the following persons:

  1. The Certified Educator Candidate applicant
  1. The training educator from the local center
  • The training educator is the primary educator at the center who will be supporting the work of the CEC
  1. A Certification Commission Reviewer who will be assigned by the Chair of the Commission or Certification Coordinator in the ACPE office
  • The Certification Commission Reviewer will oversee the progress of the CEC for the duration of their term on the Commission. For more information about the relationship of the Certification Commission Reviewer to the CEC’s process, click here to download a copy of the following graphic:

  1. An ACPE Certified Educator from outside of the center, who is part of the National Faculty (selected by the training ACPE Certified Educator) and who has not been the applicant’s educator for any previous units of CPE
  • The outside educator’s role is to provide a fresh set of eyes to assess the applicant’s readiness for entry into the ACPE Certification Process

The Certification Commission representative and the ACPE Certified Educator/National Faculty shall be given access to the applicant’s portfolio no less than 30 days prior to the interview. Each will review the materials and evaluate the applicant in accordance with the competencies for admission, utilizing the Admission Competencies Assessment Form, which will then become a part of the CEC’s portfolio.

The preliminary meeting, at which it will be decided if the aspirant is ready for the Admissions Interview, will include the training educator, the Certification Commission Reviewer, and a National Faculty Member who does not work in the CEC’s center. This group will review the evidence, data, and artifacts to ensure that the CEC has adequately demonstrated each competency. Following their review, they will provide feedback to the CEC, highlighting areas of accomplishment, and areas for continued focus. The group must reach a consensus as to how to proceed with the process, seeking consultation from the Chair of the Commission as needed.

Upon completion of the interview process, the committee shall determine the applicant’s level of competence and suitability for the certification process. The decision shall require a consensus for acceptance. Following the committee’s deliberation, feedback will be provided to the applicant.

  • Applicants who are accepted into the process are granted the title Certified Educator Candidate and the center will be invoiced for the yearly fee.
  • If an applicant is not accepted, it is possible for the local center to continue to work with the student on the areas outlined by the committee, and then arrange for another interview at a later date. Aspirants who choose this path will enroll in Level I/Level II CPE during this time period.

If an applicant has been accepted into the ACPE Certification Process but decides to apply to a different center, they only need to complete that center’s interview process. They do not need to complete the ACPE interview process again.