A. ACPE members agree to adhere to a standard of conduct consistent with the code of ethics established in ACPE standards. Members are required to sign the Accountability For Ethical Conduct Policy Report Form yearly and return it with their annual ACPE dues. Members are required to provide promptly notice on this form to the ACPE Executive Director of any complaint of unethical or felonious conduct made against them in a civil, criminal, ecclesiastical, employment, or professional organization’s forum, including, but not limited to, complaints within ACPE or APC.

Any ACPE member may invoke an ethics review process when a member’s conduct, inside or outside their professional work, involves an alleged abuse of power or authority, involves an alleged felony, or is the subject of civil action or discipline in another forum when any of these impinge upon the ability of a member to function effectively and credibly as a CPE educator, chaplain or spiritual care provider.

B. ACPE members who are aware of probable ethical violations by colleagues that are not threatening to the well-being of the member or others are encouraged to engage the member in discussion to clarify the behavior in question and correct it. If this intervention fails, or if an alleged violation appears to be a serious threat to the well-being of the member or others, members should consider filing a complaint.