There are times when an accredited program finds itself without an ACPE Certified Educator. A program without an ACPE Certified Educator may not offer units of CPE or advertise for students. In order to maintain its accredited member status while searching for an ACPE Certified Educator, the program must ensure the following:

  1. Submit a Changes in Centers and Programs Form to ensure that the ACPE database is up to date.
  2. Pay the yearly membership fee
  3. Maintain the program’s portfolio to reflect the program’s search for an ACPE Certified Educator and any significant structural changes that might impact its accreditation status.

If a program is successful in engaging a short-term contract educator or longer-term employed educator after having been without an ACPE Certified Educator within the two years, their primary accreditation responsibility will be to ensure that the program’s portfolio is up to date and that it is reviewed by their assigned Accreditation Commissioner, who will then allow the program to begin recruiting students.