A program demonstrates financial resources, effective leadership, collaborative relationships with stakeholders, and the structures and processes necessary to meet goals during the period of its accreditation and employs a planning process which allows for sustainability and continuing vitality.


An ACPE accredited program is a collaborative endeavor drawing on multiple parties to achieve its goals. This is consistent with an emphasis on the interpersonal in the ACPE learning process. An accredited ACPE program requires the assurance that financial and leadership resources remain available to meet program goals for the benefit of students. A program is encouraged to be intentional in developing its financial and strategic plans to ensure its sustainability.


In assessing this area, reviewers will look at the program’s:

A. Utilization of a financial/budget planning process
B. Alignment of program goals with its sponsoring institution’s/agency’s goals
C. Utilization of advisers (i.e. Professional Advisory Group or other named interdisciplinary and representative members from the program’s institution/agency, community and stakeholders)
D. Faculty, staff, and student function/participation in light of the service needs of the institution/agency and within any department or managerial subsection thereof
E. Student enrollment and student achievement data since the program’s previous accreditation (six years)

Items that must be included in the program’s portfolio:

  1. A financial plan or budget that supports the program for the period of its continued accreditation
  2. Meeting minutes, committee membership and other documentation demonstrating faculty, student and advisers’ participation in program assessment and design
  3. Presentation demonstrating alignment between sponsoring institution/agency and program goals, including any inter-organizational agreements that might impact student learning
  4. An organizational chart that portrays the administrative structure and lines of authority and relationship both within the department and in the larger context
  5. A chart of student enrollment for each year, by level of CPE, with a specific focus on the student achievement for each unit and a summary the previous six years to demonstrate program achievement.