An accredited ACPE program may recruit students to apply to its program. ACPE accredited programs are encouraged to develop relationships with local theological schools, seminaries, endorsing bodies, spiritual/values-based orienting system representatives and their local community to provide opportunities for qualified students to attend their programs.

For all CPE Programs

An applicant’s suitability for admission to any CPE program is a matter of professional judgment by the ACPE accredited program in accordance with its admission policies. Requirements for admission to CPE programs include but are not limited to:

  • a completed ACPE application.
  • an admission interview with a qualified interviewer, for persons applying for an initial unit of CPE, to determine readiness for clinical learning.
  • either graduation from high school/completion of a GED or ordination by a religious/spiritual tradition or commission to function in spiritual care by an appropriate religious/spiritual authority as determined by ACPE.
  • fulfillment of education or experience requirements established by the ACPE accredited center.
  • a signed Use of Clinical Materials Consent Form

Additional requirements for Certified Educator Programs

Please note that there are two parts to the Admission Process for Certified Educator Programs: Local center admission and the ACPE Certification Process.

  • A completed Application for Certified Educator Programs
  • College graduation
  • Graduate theological degree or its equivalent
  • Ordination or commissioning to function as a spiritual care provider by an appropriate religious/spiritual authority as determined by ACPE
  • Endorsement/statement of accountability from an appropriate religious/spiritual authority as determined by ACPE
  • Successful completion of a minimum of four units of Level I/Level II ACPE CPE
  • Demonstration of spiritual care and conceptual competence as evidenced by the attainment/completion of Level I/Level II Outcomes
  • Evaluation of the competencies for admission to a Certified Educator Program