The success of a CoP will primarily be determined by its’ content or domain of knowledge; and, on the delivery of such content or knowledge to others.

There are many ways in which to develop and present content that makes accessing that content more appealing and attainable to the probable audience. How will you design and build your Community?

  • A virtual community that will gather via video/phone on a set schedule?
  • A small, local group that will meet on a schedule at a face-to-face gathering?
  • A group with a large geographic spread, thus seeking a central location for an annual face-to-face?
  • A combination of the above?

The CoP model offers flexibility in participant expectations, leadership roles, structure, and terms of service. Some suggestions will follow in the next section.

While the possibilities of design, function, or size are endless, it’s important to remember that the design must always be appealing, attainable and sustainable, cost effective, and valuable.