The Integration Interview is the culmination of the CEC’s certification journey and is both a demonstration of the integration of theory and practice and a celebration of accomplishment. As explained in the End of Phase II Assessment of Competencies, the Integration Interview is not scheduled until it has been determined that the CEC has demonstrated all of the required competencies in their portfolio.

The Integration Interview Team will be comprised of five persons:

  1. The Training Educator
  • The Training Educator is the primary person who worked with the CEC throughout their Certification journey. In the event where a CEC worked with more than one educator, one person shall be chosen by the CEC to fill this role.
  1. The Certification Commission Reviewer
  • The Certification Commission Reviewer, when possible, is the same reviewer who participated in the admissions process. If the Reviewer has concluded their term on the Commission, then the new Commissioner will fill this role. In certain instances, permission may be sought from the Chair of the Commission to include the initial Reviewer as well.
  1. The Theory Integration Presentation Mentor
  • As one who worked with the CEC for an integral part of Phase I, the Theory Integration Presentation Mentor plays an important role in the Integration Interview.
  1. A Certification Commissioner who was not part of the CEC’s process
  • To bring an additional perspective to the CEC’s work and portfolio, an additional Commissioner will be part of the Integration Interview Process
  1. A National Faculty Member of the CEC’s choosing
  • In addition to the roles above, the CEC also invites an additional member of the National Faculty of their choosing. In making this selection, the CEC should invite someone with whom they feel secure and confident, yet they can be open and vulnerable.

At the end of the interview, barring any major issues, the CEC will be an ACPE Certified Educator. Any concerns about the CEC’s competence will have been addressed prior to the Integration Interview. However, if concerns arise, the Integration Interview Team will address them as part of the newly Certified Educator’s professional development plan designed to strengthen particular areas. In the rare event that the Integration Interview is terribly unsuccessful, a follow-up assessment will take place to determine the best course of action.