Each year, the ACPE’s operating budget will include of funding to support the efforts of our registered CoPs. All registered Communities of Practice are invited to submit a request for funding, following the process and timeline detailed here. The funding request must be intended for the execution of activities of the community.

The PWB Committee is responsible to formulate a recommended disbursement of available funds, based on the review of all funding requests received within that period, for each suitable request.

The PWB Committee will weigh each funding request on the following criteria:

  • Each request must come from a registered, or registration applicant, as an ACPE CoP.
  • Each application must represent the value of the intended activity to the CoP’s core purpose. as well as the ACPE mission.
  • Each application must be complete, including the estimated audience, an estimated budget, and must be submitted through the on-line process.
  • The request is in keeping with general ACPE financial principles for providing a quality educational program that reflects prudence in assuming of expenses.

For 2020 funding requests, PWB made the following decisions, and implemented them across all requests:

  • No funding for events primarily designed for Level I/II Students (e.g. Summer CPE Days, seminary recruitment, etc)
  • No funding for travel to or from CoP events (air, ground, and other)
  • $80/night/person for lodging (and this only when there is a registration fee in place)
  • ACPE meal per diems ($15 breakfast, $20 lunch, $40 dinner)
  • Honoraria limited to $1500, plus $500 for speakers’ travel per event.

PWB anticipates that these principles, or similar, will also be applied to future budget years.

It is important to note that terms like tuition, scholarship, and stipend have tax implications and are generally to be avoided. Please contact ACPE or the PWB Committee for further information.

In consideration of the total funds available and the number of applications received, the committee will determine a recommendation of the amount of funds to be granted in order to support the request. The committee will work to provide each community request as much funding as possible, but may not always have sufficient funds available to provide for an entire amount requested.

Allocated money that is not spent will not be carried over to the following year.

The following timeline will apply to CoP’s requests for funding applications:

  • First week of June: A notice of the application period, an estimate of the total amount available for funding, along with the application materials, will be sent to all approved ACPE CoP conveners.
  • June 30: Deadline for submitting requests for funding in the next calendar year.
  • July-August: PWB committee will review all funding requests received for activities intended to occur within the next calendar year; and, recommend funding to the ACPE Finance Committee.
  • September: The ACPE Finance Committee will convene to take action on the Professional Well Being Committee’s recommendations.
  • By December 1: A letter of approval/denial/request for more information will be sent to the convener of record within thirty (30) days of the finance committee meeting.

If funds remain available in the approved budget after the first period, a second period to apply for funding will be made available. A notice of available funding, along with the application materials, will be published on the ACPE website and emailed to all approved ACPE CoP conveners.