1. Commission action – The Certification Commission determines whether the person meets the requirements for restoration of active status.
  2. Applicant responsibility – The person seeking restoration bears the burden of demonstrating that the requirements are met.


  1. Submit Letter of Intent to meet the ACPE Certification Commission to the ACPE Office
  2. Specific requirements are negotiated with the Commission Chair by the person seeking restoration. After successful appearance, the Certification Commission Chair will send information to the ACPE office who will invoice the applicant for the appropriate membership dues.

Guidelines and requirements

  1. Required materials are to be:
    1. limited to five single-spaced typewritten pages (not including footnotes, bibliography and verbatim conversation) for each paper, using a standard 1 inch margin and font size at least 12 point Times New Roman.
    2. clear, legible and reflective of the purpose for which presented.
    3. written at a graduate level of quality.
    4. documented with footnotes for materials cited directly or paraphrased and page numbers.
  1. Certification Commission Face Sheet
  2. Completed Attestation of Good Standing form (Appendix 8) (includes current endorsement).
  3. Completed Accountability for Ethical Conduct Policy Report
  4. Brief history of applicant’s certification process and practice of supervision, including dates and places. Include: reason for having become inactive; review of applicant’s personal, spiritual and educational pilgrimage; and comment on desire to resume active status.
  5. Paper articulating current theory of group process.
  6. Paper on current use of self as a primary teaching/learning resource
  7. Paper on how theology/spiritual perspective informs the applicant’s supervisions
  8. If applicant has current or recent experience assisting a supervisor in a unit of CPE, submit a brief description of the program and participation in it, including:
    1. insights gained about current students.
    2. assessment of what might have been done differently if applicant were supervising the unit.
    3. students and supervisor’s evaluations.
    4. evaluative paper written by the supervisor who was assisted.
  9. Permission to use students’ materials
  10. Description of participation in CPE events, student formation, national ACPE activities, and other relevant continuing education.
  11. Copy of last peer review report.
  12. If no recent CPE participation, consult with the Certification Commission Chair and submit materials that will help the Commission assess readiness to resume active supervision. This may include current readings in supervisory, group and educational theory; workshops and seminars attended; and applicant’s own evolving theories.