Revised 1/2022

An ACPE Certified Educator is considered inactive after three years of no supervision of students or a sufficient level of participation in CPE-Related Educational Activities. See Maintaining Your ACPE Certified Educator Credential and CPE-Related Educational Activities for more information.

Determination of an ACPE Certified Educator’s eligibility to return to active status is determined by the Chair of the Certification Commission, with support from members of the Commission as needed.

It is the responsibility of the person seeking restoration to demonstrate that the requirements are met.


  1. Write an email to certificationchair@acpe.edu indicating your intent to restore your active status.
  2. Connect with the ACPE Office to receive in an invoice and to pay the Restoration to Active Status Fee and regain access to your personal portfolio.
  3. Prepare and upload required materials to your portfolio for review and inform the Chair that your materials are ready for review. The review will generally take place within 30 days of uploading your materials.

Requirements and Guidelines

  1. Complete the Accountability for Ethical Conduct Policy Report
  2. Submit the following written material:
    1. Include a brief history of one’s certification process and practice of supervision, dates, and places
    2. Include the reason for having become inactive, a review of one’s personal, spiritual, and educational pilgrimage, and comment on desire to resume active status.
    3. Include a brief statement on how you understand CPE to have changed since your last active supervision and what you believe you will need to be current with the latest information and recent changes and innovations in the field.

The written submission must be:

  1. limited to five single-spaced typewritten pages (not including footnotes, bibliography and verbatim conversation) for each paper, using a standard 1 inch margin and font size at least 12 point Times New Roman.
  2. clear, legible and reflective of the purpose for which presented.
  3. written at a graduate level of quality.
  4. documented with footnotes for materials cited directly or paraphrased and page numbers.