Any changes to the Manuals will be listed here along with the effective date of the change. Changes to the text of the manual will also be highlighted in a color that corresponds to the date of the change.

December 2016

Appendix 7B Requirements for Student Records
Clarification of which documents need to be kept for 10 years and which documents must be kept indefinitely.

Appendix 7D-1 Supervisor’s Evaluation Cover Sheet
Based on feedback from supervisors, language was added in the top section to more clearly identify level/outcomes. Please remember that as of January 1, 2016, this cover sheet is to be used on all final evaluations.

January 2017

Change in Definition of Terms

Preceptor(s)/Mentor(s) — A contextually relevant professional(s) practicing in and recognized by the clinical placement site and the ACPE Certified Educator. The preceptor/mentor must review the ACPE preceptor orientation presentation prior to the start of a unit.

Responsibilities of the Preceptor/Mentor:

  • Orient the student to your placement site and ensure that the student understands the context for this placement.
  • Address student’s questions and learning needs about the placement site.
  • Communicate with the ACPE Certified Educatoron a regular basis about the fulfillment of the student’s administrative obligations and the responsibilities outlined in the clinical site agreement. This includes the student’s clinical work, work habits and investment in the learning process at the placement site.

The ACPE Preceptor Orientation Presentation may be found on the Accreditation page of the ACPE website.

February 2017

The following apply to ACPE as a whole and are part of each of the Manuals:

Mission Statement

To positively affect people’s lives by nurturing connections to the sacred through experiential education and spiritual care.

Vision Statement

To create measurable and appreciable improvement in spiritual health that transforms people and communities in the US and across the globe.

May 2017

Please note that pre-accredited status does not constitute pre-accreditation as defined by the U.S. Department of Education, and as such, centers with this designation do not qualify for any type of federal funding related to accreditation.

August 2017 – Changes to Standards and Accreditation Manuals

Removed references to Regions (for Accreditation, these geographical divisions will be known as Areas)

Changes in titles:

ACPE Supervisor = ACPE Certified Educator
Associate Supervisor = Associate ACPE Certified Educator
Supervisory Candidate = Certified Educator Candidate

Changes in nomenclature:

Supervisory CPE = Certified Educator CPE
Regional Accreditation Chairs = Area Accreditation Chairs

February 2018

413.6 participating in peer review at least every three years in accordance with ACPE guidelines.

New versions of Appendix 5, Parts I & II have been added to the Accreditation Manual Appendices

Clarification of Commission Actions related to the Annual Report

May 2018

1. Centers are no longer required to obtain a Letter of Good Financial Standing from the ACPE office for a review. The office will monitor financial standing and will alert the appropriate individuals if there is an issue of concern.

2. The timeline for the Site Team Reports has been clarified and will be clearly established for each site visit with specific dates noted:

  • The Part I Report is due to the Center 14 days after the conclusion of the site visit.
  • The Center’s Response to the Part I Report is due to the National Site Team Chair 44 days after the conclusion of the site visit (30 days after the 14 day period for receipt of the Part I Report ends).
  • The Part II Report is due to the Center 58 days after the conclusion of the site visit (14 days after the 30 day period for the Center’s Response ends).

Please note that both the center and the site team may respond sooner than the stated timeline, but that does not alter the timeline for the response from the other party. If both parties are in agreement, responses may be provided sooner.

June 2018

The New Certification Process Manual is now available.