Policy and Process

  1. The accredited center must submit the Request for Accreditation Review and upload all required materials to the center’s portfolio a minimum of 45 days before the first unit of Certified Educator CPE will commence.
  2. Provisionally accredited and accredited centers may add Certified Educator CPE at any time during the accreditation cycle.
  3. Materials will be reviewed within 30 days of assignment to an accreditation reviewer.
    1. If materials are satisfactory, a letter of provisional accreditation will be issued by the assigned assigned commissioner.
    2. If inadequacies are found, a letter outlining the inadequacies will be issued. The letter can either:
      1. issue provisional status with a timeline regarding submission of the corrections; or
      2. deny provisional status and outline the inadequacies (Certified Educator CPE training cannot begin until provisional status is granted).
  4. The addition of Certified Educator CPE ordinarily does not require a site visit, but one may required based on its review of the proposal.
  5. A center may begin Certified Educator CPE once it has received a letter of provisional approval from their assigned commissioner.
  6. Provisional approval and final action is subject to review by the Accreditation Commission. Any issues identified in the granting of provisional status must be satisfactorily addressed prior to review by the Accreditation Commission
  7. Final action is by the Commission. Commission actions include one of the following:
  • approve the addition of Certified Educator CPE; or
  • deny the request and provide the basis for denial.

Required Materials

A proposal, in lieu of a self-study, that includes:

  1. Rationale for this new program;
  2. Congruence of proposal with mission and goals of the center;
  3. Summary of Accreditation history and CPE at the center;
  4. Survey of prospective student enrollment;
  5. Provision for national faculty, financial and support resources, including, but not limited to, office space, participation in and time to attend outside peer groups, and travel to training meetings;
  6. Copy of Certified Educator student agreement(s)/contract template(s):
    1. delineation of supervisory involvement of primary educator,
    2. clear delineation of the administrative and educational mechanisms by which the Certified Educator CPE student is related to the Accredited Center and the primary educators(s), information about benefits, stipend, responsibilities, etc.
  7. Certified Educator CPE student handbook or pertinent sections of the master student handbook containing:
    1. Detailed curriculum that demonstrates progress toward certification, including a curriculum crosswalk with the Certified Educator competencies and a syllabus,
    2. Demonstration of compliance with ACPE standards, including materials specific to clinical/educational placements, if any (include clinical/educational site specific materials, e.g., administration, orientation, other particulars),