1. The Commission reviews and evaluates its procedures and accreditation criteria every five years, or sooner if legal, regulatory, or other circumstances require.
  1. If during the review it is determined that changes are needed to the standards, ACPE will initiate action within 12 months to make the changes and implement the change within a reasonable period of time. Prior to finalizing any changes to standards, ACPE will: (1) Provide notice to all members and the public of the proposed change(s) via the ACPE website, publish a study document on the ACPE website, and provide notification in the ACPE newsletter; (2) provide adequate opportunity to comment on the proposed changes; and (3) take into account and be responsive to any comments on the proposed changes submitted within the established timeframe. Changes to Standards are subject to approval of the Board of Directors.
  1. The Accreditation Commission may enact changes to policies and procedures without prior notice if necessary. Such changes are noted in the manual and are published in the ACPE newsletter and on the ACPE website.
  1. Any Commission actions subsequent to the request for comment (See #2 above) are published in the ACPE newsletter and on the ACPE website.