A. The Boards of the ACPE and APC have authorized the two organizations to work collaboratively on ethics investigative and adjudicatory processes. Members from both associations are trained as investigators and members of the two Ethics Commissions are trained to adjudicate jointly. When a case is referred to the ACPE PEC by another ACPE Commission, ACPE will usually handle the case outside the collaborative process but following the procedures in this Manual. The same is true for Commission referrals within APC. Most cases, however, will be processed through the Collaboration whose decisions are binding on parties by the same terms as the actions of their organization’s Ethics Commission.

B. When an ED of either APC or ACPE receives a complaint, both confer together to determine membership status of the respondent and decide which ED will manage the case. The Ethics Commission Chair of the other organization will lead the case process. For example, if the ACPE ED takes the case for management, the APC Ethics Commission Chair will lead the case process. Hearing and Appeals Panels will be composed of trained members from each Commission.