Upon the CEC’s completion of the core curriculum, they will choose a Theory Integration Mentor from the list of mentors provided by the ACPE office. A key role for the mentor is to determine when the CEC’s project is ready to be reviewed by a committee. The development of the project and presentation is a dialogical process from the very beginning and is designed to support the work of the Training ACPE Certified Educator and the CEC.

The Theory Integration Mentor will communicate regularly with the training ACPE Certified Educator to ensure that they are working together, and occasionally with the Certification Commission Reviewer in that person’s oversight role.

In conversation with their Training Educator and Theory Integration Mentor, the CEC will choose one of the following methods for the project:

  1. A written, 15-20 page paper that includes all topic areas
  2. Three written, individual papers addressing each topic area separately (each 5-7 pages in length)
  3. An integrated endeavor with oral, written, and visual elements

The following elements are required for every project:

a. one page preface stating main thesis of (each) the paper and clearly and concisely demonstrating the congruence of each thesis with the others;
b. one page personal introduction with demographic data pertinent to positions, i.e., religious/spiritual tradition, gender, social location, anything else pertinent to one’s formation;
c. bibliography of sources.