A. Reporting an alleged violation* close to its occurrence is important to the effective investigation and evaluation of evidence as well as to the wellbeing of all people involved.

1. The time limit is ten years for a complaint alleging sexual exploitation and six months for a complaint not involving sexual exploitation. A definition of sexual exploitation is found in the Definition of Terms manual.

2. Time limits begin with the event that occasions the complaint or with the completion of the educational/employment experience at the site where the event is alleged to have occurred.

B. Exception to time limit:* Any complaint may be made within a longer period if the delay is caused by fraud, intimidation or other unethical conduct that prevents the earlier emergence of the complaint. In extraordinary circumstances, time limits may be waived by the PEC chair in consultation and agreement with three other PEC members and ethics consultant at their discretion when initiated by request of the Executive Director, an Initial Review Panel (IRP), or other Commission where to do otherwise would seriously jeopardize the safety or welfare of a program or students in the opinion of those waiving the time lines.