The Accreditation Commission offers three categories for its accredited members. While the requirements and standards remain the same for each, there are unique components for each type of accreditation that are important for centers to note. Within each category, the Accreditation Commission of ACPE accredits programs of Level I/Level II CPE and Certified Educator CPE.

Accredited Member Status

Institution Sponsored Program

An institution sponsored CPE program is housed inside of an institution or agency (like a hospital). The CPE program is an integral part of the institution and has a clearly defined reporting structure within the larger setting. As an institution sponsored CPE program is accredited as a single site, it may utilize clinical placement agreements to offer clinical placements outside of the accredited program.

Free Standing/Independent Program

A free standing center is an independently incorporated CPE center, with its own Board of Directors, whose primary mission is to provide programs of CPE through clinical placements.

System Program Status

A system program is a CPE program sponsored by an institution or agency that owns and operates multiple facilities, called component sites, where CPE is conducted. A system program has components that although linked by corporate ownership, are independently accredited and function on their own, responsible for its curriculum, faculty, and program, requiring a complete accreditation portfolio. Each location is unique and therefore the accredited CPE system program is required to articulate its relationship with its component sites as part of its portfolio.

  1. The Commission accredits System programs to conduct CPE programs at two or more component sites.
  2. Each component site is required to maintain its own accreditation portfolio that is housed in SharePoint within the System program’s portfolio.
  3. An accredited system CPE program does not have to have “system” in its name.
  4. The ACPE Directory will list each component site as an independently accredited program
  5. System programs wishing to add an additional component site must follow the steps for provisional accreditation for that program.

To seek initial accreditation as a System Center, follow the steps for provisional accreditation if there is no previous accreditation or Accredited Member to a System Program if there is a current accreditation, with a full site visit that includes the the system program and each component site

For an accredited program wishing to become an Accredited System Program, a revision of materials and a full site visit must take place. The site visit will shift the program’s accreditation cycle to begin anew upon achieving Accredited System Program status. See Accredited Member to a System Program more information about this process.