For an accredited center wishing to become an Accredited System Center, a revision of materials and a full accreditation review site visit (including a National Site Team Chair and a practitioner) must take place. The site visit will shift the center’s accreditation cycle to begin anew upon achieving Accredited System Center status.


  1. Consult with your assigned commissioner to initiate the process and notify ACPE of your intent by completing the Accreditation Review Request Form. Be sure to clearly identify the name of the proposed center.
  2. Complete a Self-study that focuses on the transition from an Accredited Member to a System Center.
  3. Update materials to reflect the vantage point of a System Center/component structure
    1. rationale and objectives for CPE at the center.
    2. evaluation of administrative structure and support needed to meet ACPE standards and center’s capacity to meet them, including description of professional advisor group’s involvement.
    3. evaluation of effectiveness and function of clinical and educational resources.
    4. review and update of policies and procedures needed for function of CPE programs in the context of a System Center.
    5. assessment of strengths and limitations of center and each CPE program, identifying unique qualities of the center and the educational programs, including limitations.
    6. review and revision of student handbook for each program and each component site

All materials are to be uploaded to the centers portfolio for review no later than 60 days prior to the site visit.