Standard 403 Formal requirements include:

403.1 ACPE membership.

403.2 college graduation.

403.3 graduate theological degree or its equivalent.

403.4 ordination or commission to function in ministry by an appropriate religious authority as determined by ACPE.

403.5 faith group endorsement/accountability.

403.6 pastoral experience.

403.7 completion of at least one unit of Certified Educator CPE.

Standard 404 Pastoral competence:


404.1 personal integrity and pastoral identity.

404.2 emotional and spiritual maturity.

404.3 ability to form meaningful pastoral relationships.

404.4 self-supervision of own on-going pastoral practice.

404.5 refinement of professional identity as a clinical pastoral educator.

404.6 ability to explicate how one’s personal history and culture affects professional and personal identity, pastoral practice, the supervisory relationship, and student learning.

Standard 405 Conceptual competence:

405.1 is familiar with diverse conceptual frameworks in pastoral theology, applied clinical ethics and the behavioral and social sciences as they relate to pastoral functioning.

405.2 integrates knowledge, skill, theory, and practice to the end that one functions creatively, flexibly and imaginatively in pastoral ministry.

Standard 406 Potential for certification by ACPE as an ACPE Certified Educator:

406.1 demonstrates an understanding of CPE supervision that is congruent with ACPE standards.

406.2 integrates personal and professional strengths and weaknesses and understands how these factors influence supervision.