New Features

Pause/Resume Batch Processing

  • We are pleased to introduce a new Save/Resume feature to our Batch Processor and Real-Time Processor, which allows users to pause active batch or real-time processing, and resume at a later time.
  • Previous sessions can be loaded, resumed, and even appended to, thus eliminating the need to constantly merge sessions.
  • Even in the event of a power failure or computer crash, sessions can be resumed, since active sessions save automatically after each image in a batch or real-time process.

Direct-to-PDF Report Generation

  • The second generation of our Report Generator now supports direct-to-PDF report generation, along with improved performance.
  • Individual report templates have been replaced with a single report template in “reports” folder of the install directory, which can be edited to customize the headers and footers.
  • Status updates are now reported during report generation.
  • Reporting of metadata, legend, and measurements tables has been improved, and all report images reflect the user interface settings.
  • The backend of the Report Generator has been entirely rewritten in preparation for the upcoming 3rd generation, which is set to provide automated batch reporting and further customization capabilities.


  • Improved speed of image opening.
  • Improved handling of out-of-memory errors when opening images larger than available memory.
  • Dark Mode is now the default theme for new users. Switch themes any time from File > Preferences in any app.


  • Fixed bug which caused some recipes to not load.
  • Fixed bug when resizing an image, recalling the original and placing it in a memory image, and then using that memory image.
  • Enabled the opening of certain non-standard png files.
  • Fixed bug in the Image Processor when setting false color display limits and the lower limit is equal to or greater than the upper limit. In the Image Processor, clearing the opacity, thickness, false color limits, scale bar thickness, and scale bar font size will now reset to default rather than restore previous value.
  • Fixed error when using a grayscale image as a reference to generate Text Feature measurement.
  • Fixed bug preventing the use of Histogram Unfolding with measurement units other than pixels and microns.
  • Fixed bug in the Session Processor where certain sessions would break grayscale measurements. When clearing a session from the Session Processor, the reference image grayscale channel operation will now be reset to ‘Auto’.
  • Added a ‘Checking Images’ indicator when the Batch Processor is checking added images.
  • 3D Toolbox will now automatically attempt to render a reconstruction using the CPU if the GPU runs out of memory.
  • Fixed bug in the Batch and Real Time Processors preventing the use of rigid, similarity, and affine alignments between images.


  • Fit tables on single page in generated reports and adjusted location of report metadata.
  • In FFT Filter, the Mirror x/y/origin buttons will now mirror either Keep or Erase areas of the filter, depending on which drawing mode is selected. Mousing over the filter after inverting will no longer cause errors.
  • Fixed bugs preventing the calculation, export, and loading of Affine, Rigid, and Similarity alignments in the 3D Toolbox. Translation alignment file now properly released after export from the 3D Toolbox.
  • Fixed bugs preventing the loading of alignments in the Batch Processor.
  • Fixed bug preventing the use of Apply FFT in the 3D Toolbox.
  • Fixed bug preventing the toggling of recipe mode in the IP after loading a recipe saved in v4.3.1 into MIPAR v4.4.0.
  • Fixed bug with exporting feature measurements from Local Measure to Color by Measure.

  • Improved measurement performance of Minimum Diameter and Caliper Diameter.
  • Fixed bug with loading recipes where false color was previously saved as the active grayscale view mode.
  • Fixed bug in the Session Processor which would improperly select a companion Layer as a reference in feature measurements that use a companion Layer.

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