New Features

Express Licenses

Express Licenses are now available. These “runner licenses” are available at reduced rates and only allow recipe running (not building). Express Licenses provide all other Base License functionality.

They are an ideal fit for organizations with R&D and production facilities, letting them build/optimize recipes with MIPAR Base, and deploy recipes to production with MIPAR Express. Please contact if interested.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode has come to MIPAR! Upon launching the Image Processor after updating, you’ll be prompted to test and choose a theme. Theme can always be changed in File > Preferences from any app.

All-new GPU Acceleration

We’ve rewritten the GPU Computation engine from the ground up. Most recipes will now see significant acceleration when run on compatible GPUs. Nearly all functions now support GPU Computation. See here for more information.

Improved Editing Performance in PP and DLT

Overall image display performance has been improved in the Post Processor and Deep Learning Trainer, which results in a more responsive manual editing experience.

Higher Resolution Saving

Graphics saved from tools such as Color by Measurements are now saved at higher resolutions. These include graphics such as histograms and images with colorbars.

Powerful FFT Processing

A pair of new functions now allows for custom FFT filters to be crafted through a limitless number of recipe step combinations.

Use Make FFT to produce an FFT of the Current Image to use as a canvas for developing your filter. Treat this FFT as you would any other grayscale image and use steps like Basic Threshold, Reject Features, etc. to automate the creation of powerful custom filters.

Set the filter as Companion Image and use Apply Stored FFT Filter to apply this filter to an image.

New Reject Features Measurements

“Number of Features” rejects based on the number of features in the companion image contained within the feature.

“Number of Holes” rejects based on the number of holes contained within the feature.

New Load Companion Setup

Load Companion Image uses a new setup window, which allows for a more streamlined adding and editing experience.

New Measurements

Count Fraction measures the count of features in the Current Image as a percentage relative to the count of features in a chosen Memory Image.

“Intensity Sum” has been added as a new Feature Measurement and measures the sum grayscale intensity in the latest Companion Image within each feature in the Current Image.

“Median” is now an available summary statistic for all Feature Measurements.

Show/Hide in Image Processor

A “Show/Hide” button has been added next to the Viewing Mode dropdown in the Image Processor. This allows for one-click toggling between the current segmentation and the Reference Image.

Improvements & Minor Changes

  • Smooth Features can now use “Window Size” values greater than 15
  • Local Threshold now has a progress indicator
  • Export 3D stacks to movies has been optimized to eliminate out-of-memory errors when working with large image stacks

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug in Color Cluster when interacting with image during computation
  • Fixed bug in Manual Edit when editing the step on a larger reference image than it was developed for
  • Fixed bug in Uniform Dilation and Uniform Erosion where values above the slider max could not be entered
  • Fixed bug that caused Replace with Caliper Diameter and Replace with Minimum Diameter to occasionally fail for very small features
  • Fixed display bug in Highlight Lines when operating on a B/W image
  • Fixed bug where some feature measurement files output during batch would overwrite each other
  • Fixed bug with some stats outputs in formal local measurement reports
  • Fixed bug with appearance of formal batch feature measurement reports
  • Fixed bug when generating measurements in PP where the layer matrix would reset after each generation
  • Fixed bug where viewing modes were not properly listed after clearing a PP session and loading B/W images

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