Segmentation > Manual Edit

Opens the Current Image in an editor which allows for manual edits to its segmentation. Here you can add missed features and remove artifacts. Also useful for manually defining a region of interest (ROI), which when set in a memory image, can be used to restrict your feature selection to a certain area in the image.

This function requires the previous step to produce a segmentation, not a grayscale image. Accordingly, it also cannot be the first step in a recipe; to achieve a similar effect, precede it with a Segmentation -> Blank step.

1. Selection Tools

  • Outline: Fill/erase a polygon area by clicking to create nodes. Click the last node to close the polygon.
  • Ellipse: Click, drag, and release to fill/erase an elliptical/circular selection
  • Box: Click, drag, and release to fill/erase a rectangular/square selection
  • Freehand: Click, drag, and release to fill/erase a freehand selection. Selection closes automatically.
  • Line: Click, drag, and release to fill/erase a straight line selection
  • Pen: Click, drag, and release to fill/erase a pen (freehand line) selection
  • Circle Click: Click a point to define a center of circular selection. Pixel diameter of circles is determine by Pen Size.
  • Select: Click a feature to fill/erase it.
  • Magic Wand: Click a point to magic-wand select a region around it based on the surrounding grayscale pixel values. Tolerance defines how different neighboring pixel intensities can be included in the region. Higher tolerance leads to larger regions.

2. Tool Mode

  • Fill: Fill the selection (make it black in B/W view)
  • Erase: Erase the selection (make it white in B/W view)
  • Undo Undo the last fill/erase operation

3. Options

  • Invert Selection: Invert the current selection tool operation (select/erase everything else)
  • Include Contacted: Include entire features that even partially contact the current selection

4. Pen Size

Controls the thickness (in pixels) of the Line and Pen selection tools, as well as the diameter (in pixels) of the circles created by the Circle Click tool

5. Reset

Clears all edits, both fills and erasures, made to the selection.

6. Recipe Execution Options

Sets the behavior of the Manual Edit step when a recipe is run in the Image, Batch, and Real-Time Processors. “Reset on Load” clears manual edits each time the recipe is applied to a new image (or re-loaded on an image in the Image Processor). “Interruptible” causes recipe execution to pause and open the Manual Edit tool, allowing the user to make modifications to the segmentation before resuming.

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