New Features

Custom Measurements

MIPAR now supports user defined measurements using formulas and mapping. Define new measurements using algebraic expressions, using existing measurements and other custom measurements as arguments. Map any measurement output to a new value including text and boolean.

Zoom and Pan Shortcuts

Added the ability to zoom and pan while performing a draw operation. Use the mouse wheel to zoom, and the middle-mouse-button or shift+left-mouse-button to pan.

TIF Compression Preference

Introduced a preference for tiff compression type. Preference can be set for binary and non-binary images.

Recipe Templates

  • New manual recipe template “Distance from Reference” which prompts for reference and points and reports distance from each point to reference. (Requires v4.3.0.0 or later)

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed bug when editing a local measurement which caused the incorrect layer to be specified.
  • Fixed bug which caused the Local Measurements window to re-open after a local measurement has been edited and saved.
  • Fixed bug when adding local measurements to a recipe on a layer with “All” in its name.
  • Updated Dilate and Erode Retain functions to properly operate with the specified depth. Recipes depending on old behavior will be adjusted automatically to preserve functionality.
  • Fixed misalignment between exported 3D reconstructions and rendered surfaces.
  • Fixed bugs preventing the use of 3D Gaussian Blur, Sum Filter, Grayscale Dilate and Erode, Orthogonal Correlation, Adaptive Threshold, and Clean Boundaries with thickness greater than 1; Volume Fraction, Surface Area Fraction, Number Density, and Slice-by-Slice measurements with more than one layer; Intercepts measurements; and Fit Centroid Paths and Reconstruct Centroid Paths.
  • Fixed bug preventing the removal of slices from a reconstruction that was built in the Batch Processor or Real-Time using the Alignment option.
  • Surface measurements output files will now consistently use the comma delimiter for .csv files and the tab delimiter for .txt files.
  • Fixed bug preventing using the menu to render the surface of specific features without extracting while the “Extract” checkbox is checked.
  • Fixed bug that would cause save and open operations to fail if the previously-used directory had been deleted.
  • Fixed bug with with outputting batch feature measurement CSVs for images with periods in name and same name pre-periods.
  • Generated reports now better handle significant figures, so measurements with more than 4 necessary decimal places will print properly.
  • Save Image shortcut documentation in button tooltips and the manual have been updated.
  • In Color by Measure window, saving Image > High Resolution properly saves image with a 0 measurement value.
  • Fixed bug with accepting Manage Layers in Image Processor.
  • Prevented “dancing” that occurs when using circle or outline tool and moving pointer on and off the image.
  • Fixed bug where trying to edit a step immediately after editing measurements in Simple Mode could cause an error.
  • Recipe Templates now hide after running recipe.
  • Fixed bug where open image dialog was suppressed after certain opening and recipe reloading sequence.


  • Fixed bug where Optimize would error when using a sub-region under certain memory step configurations.

  • Fixed bug with measurements relative to memory images not loading properly.
  • Fixed bugs in the generation of per-feature intercepts measurements.
  • Session Processor, adding reference images after a failed session load no longer locks the UI.
  • Fixed bug which would result in Color By Measure failing to load when displaying a calibration bar.
  • Improved the visibility of Recipe loading notification when launching the Batch Processor from the Image Processor.

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