1. MIPAR Open Directory

Default folder for opening and image or recipe on MIPAR launch.

2. Calibration and Measurements Units

Calibration units are used to display the scale bar and are used as default during recipe calibration. Measurement units are used for measurement unit generation.

3. Feature Numbering Order

MIPAR numbers features during Reject Features function and during feature measurement generation. Left to right numbering will number features from the left edge of the image to the right. Top to Bottom numbering will number features from the top edge of the image to the bottom.

4. Corner Pixel Connectivity

Distinct features can be identified using two different methods. 4-pixel connectivity and 8-pixel connectivity.

Image Source

5. Memory Allocation for Proprietary File Formats

MIPAR is able to open proprietary file types which are handled using a dedicated library. If MIPAR throws out of memory errors when the workstation is not out of memory, adjust this setting to allocate more memory to MIPAR.

6. Image Scaling

MIPAR scales all opened images to 8-bit, scaling can be done by normalizing the images to the min and max values. We recommend disabling this setting for projects that requires intensity measurements.

7. TIFF Compression

Set compression preference for binary and non-binary (greyscale, color) images.
Non-binary: lzw(default), packbits, none, lzw, deflate.
Binary: ccitt(default), packbits, none, lzw, deflate, fax3, fax4.

8. GPU and Hardware Acceleration

GPU Computation is recommended for large images to accelerate image processing. Note that GPU selection for applying Deep Learning models is a separate setting that overrides this preference in the Apply DL Model function.

Hardware Acceleration is supported on some CPUs to improve MIPAR interface and measurement performance.

Parallel CPU Grid is used for some functions to accelerate processing. This value defaults to half the number of physical cores on the system.

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