The Spotlight recipe step works like any other MIPAR recipe step. It’s applied on recipe load and interacts with the rest of the recipe like a detection step. Users have full access to the rest of the MIPAR toolkit which enables detection filtering, clean up and assigning Layers and measurements.

Spotlight works with “prompts”. They tell it where to look. Prompts can be fed through 2 different modes, Grid or Custom:

  • Grid uses a regular point grid. This is simplest, but requires density is appropriate for the features of interest.
  • Custom allows selections from earlier in the recipe to be fed as a Memory Image. This requires additional steps prior to Spotlight but allows for more targeted and efficient prompts.


1. Apply to

Choose to apply Spotlight to either the original opened image, or the current image in the recipe.

2. Prompt Mode

Choose to prompt Spotlight with either a regular point grid, or seeds from a Memory Image.

3. Performance

  • Fast = lightweight model
  • Accurate = full size model

Fast will initialize faster, but typically offers lower edge detection precision. Accurate has longer initialization, but offers optimal precision. If you do happen to run Spotlight on the CPU, Fast is the only practical performance mode.

  • CPU = run model on CPU
  • GPU = run model on GPU

4. Adjustment

Scale controls the size-scale of the targeted features.

  • 1 = fine resolution
  • 2 = mid resolution
  • 3 = coarse resolution
  • Auto = decide resolution based on quality score

Scale has more significance when using single point prompts (as in Grid or Custom-Centers modes). Imagine pointing to a car window. “1” will select the window. “2” will select the door.”3” will select the entire car.

Score Filter removes selections with poor scores. Higher score (85-95) better for Grid, lower (0-25) better for Custom.

5. Processing Preferences

  • Live preview allows you to watch Spotlight as it runs. Useful for understanding prompt impact and to optimize settings without waiting for entire run. Performance will be significantly reduced during live preview.
  • Auto-update will automatically re-run Spotlight after every setting change

Grid Mode

Density is a setting specific to Grid mode. It controls the number of points per side of the grid.

Custom Mode

Custom prompt mode can be run in Centers, Boxes, or Areas mode.

  • Centers uses feature centroids as prompts.
  • Boxes uses feature bounding boxes as prompts.
  • Areas uses multiple points per feature. Sampling % an adjustable setting.


In Boxes, Dilation is an adjustable setting and grows seed bounding boxes prior to prompting.


In Areas, Sampling % is an adjustable setting and controls number points used per feature in selected Memory Image.

Examples (silent)

Grid Mode

Custom Mode

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