New Features

Recipe Templates

MIPAR now ships with a fully interactive environment to browse and try over 80 pre-built recipe templates. Sort by category, search, and even watch videos on the available templates. Each recipe also offers an example image to help evaluate and better understand the algorithm. See the Recipe Templates page to learn more.

Auto Reject Features

The new “Auto Mode” in Reject Features lets MIPAR calculate and suggest a threshold to filter features based on any of the available metrics.

Edge Feature Boolean Measurement

A popular request from customers, the new “Edge Feature” Feature Measurement outputs a boolean (true, false) value per feature based on whether it touches the image edge. Adding this measurement alongside others allows for powerful filtering and other post-processing in the spreadsheet environment of your choice.


  • Labels view is now available in Separate Features and Watershed recipe step preview windows.
  • Separate Features line length can now be set in physical units when the recipe has a scale factor. The measurement tool will report the distance in physical units when the units dropdown is set to physical units.
  • Warning now appears when trying to save recipe with disabled steps.

Bug Fixes

  • Title of reference image now always shows when opening image in Image Processor.
  • Fixed bug preventing measuring grayscale intensity of an image with GPU computation.


  • Fixed bug where edge feature measurement would be reported inaccurately for non-square images.

  • Fixed bug with Separate Features Slice-by-Slice in 3D Toolbox using the new minimum line length units.
  • Fixed issue where Current Image could occasionally “flicker” toward the end of recipe loading.

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