Pre-Processing > Adjust Texture

Uses advanced algorithms to highlight various forms of texture in an image. Options include measuring aspects of each pixel’s Hessian matrix [1] and Gabor filters [2].

1. Type

  • Module:
  • Trace:

    Note that the trace of the hessian matrix is the same as the laplacian operator.
  • Determinant:

    This filter is well-suited to finding corners.
  • First Eigen:
  • Second Eigen:
  • Orientation:
  • Eigen Difference:
  • Square Eigen Difference:
  • Gabor:

2. Radius

Radius (in pixels) to consider about each pixel to calculate the specified filter.


[1] D. Eberly, “Ridges in Image and Data Analysis”, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1996.

[2] Fogel, I.; Sagi, D. (1989). “Gabor filters as texture discriminator”. Biological Cybernetics. 61 (2).

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