• Added the ability to save the current view from the Image Processor into a recipe, so that the view is restored when the recipe is restored. Remembered settings include Simple Mode, showing or hiding measurements, overlay vs. outline and their various settings, and the showing and formatting of a scale bar on the image.
  • Measurement tables not longer obscure generated reports.
  • When generating sessions with scale factors which require “refMod” images, Batch Processor will now store the appropriate scale factor into each saved refMod image. This allows sessions which are generated from a recipe with a Resize Image step to use the proper adjusted scale factor on a per-image basis.
  • Scale factor box now disabled when recipe locked with password protection.
  • Generated FFT filter masks are no longer unnecessarily saved in the recipe. Also, speed of FFT filter mask generation has been improved.
  • Added feature measurements: Intensity Min, Max, Median as feature_intensity_min, feature_intensity_max, feature_intensity_median variables for custom measurement use.
  • Added log, sin, cos and tan functions to custom measurements and ~(NOT) operator
  • Added a warning when custom measurements with identical Measurement Names are added.
  • When editing a custom measurement with a missing dependency, MIPAR will now notify the user of the missing dependency.
  • Added a ‘Duplicate’ button to the Custom Measurement Manager to allows for easy copying of an available measurement.
  • In GUIs with drawing tools, re-activating the zoom, pan, or a drawing tool if it’s already active will no longer toggle that tool off.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug with reports not generating properly from Session Processor using text-based custom measurements.
  • Fixed bug which allows memory step selection during Optimize Process even if steps not defined earlier in recipe.
  • Fixed bug that prevented formal reports from generating from recipe templates if never saved.
  • In Image Processor and Color By Measure, when using the ID tool, middle-click-to-pan will no longer also pick a feature.
  • Fixed bug with some recipe steps failing with GPU Acceleration turned on.
  • Fixed bug where attempts to replace images in sessions would generate numerous file copy error dialogs.
  • Fixed bug in MIPAR Live preventing the use of scale factors present in recipes that are pre-loaded.
  • Fixed bug which could cause custom measurements using feature_mean_intercept to throw an error dialog.
  • Rejecting features based on intensity mean no longer errors.
  • Replace with triangulation works properly with features that are strictly co-linear.
  • Session Processor feature measurement view table now displays all layer measurements selected instead of just first.
  • Fixed bug which could cause path length measurement to fail with GPU Computation on.
  • Fixed issue where measurements panel in Session Processor was out of position.
  • Fixed bug affecting users running version 4.3.0.x, which could cause “relative to” measurements to be generated improperly out of the Session Processor.
    Only measurements whose “relative to” was set to something other than “Entire Image” in the Session Processor could be affected.
    Our automated testing framework has been expanded to extensively test measurement output across all applications to prevent such issues going forward.
    No other applications or measurement configurations were affected.


  • Fixed bug preventing the use of the Image Processor with the Express or Live (Manual) licenses
  • Scale factor writing into refMod images from batch processor sessions now working properly.

  • Per-feature measurements now compute with the proper units from the Session Processor for sessions with refMod images.
  • Fixed bug causing incorrect variable error messages for certain custom measurement formulas.

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