New Features

Load Multiple Images into Image Processor

Image Processor can now open multiple images to combine into channels. Use File > Open Images to Channels.

Batch Process Multichannel Data Using Alternative Data Structure

Batch Processor can now combine multiple images into channels. The individual channels can be accessed using the Color > Channel Operation recipe step.

Generate Intensity Measurements from 16-bit Images

Image Processor can now generate pixel intensity mean, standard deviation and sum from the original bit depth image.


  • Added options to Channel Operation to control data normalization and divide-by-zero handling.
  • Zoom is now default interactive tool in Session Processor upon opening session, and in Manual Edit in the Image Processor when adding as a new step.
  • Layers will now properly align during a session merge in Session Processor as long as both sessions use the same layer names, even if they are in different orders.

Bug Fixes

  • Reference Image now properly adjusted in Image Processor during Edit > Auto Crop.
  • Global intensity measurements in Image Processor now properly respect their dependency on Companion Image.
  • Fixed incorrect sharpen output when using GPU computation.
  • Fixed bug with copy/paste of recipe steps in Image Processor.
  • Fixed bug where Pre-Processing > FFT Filter step could be accepted with partial settings and would then not be editable
  • Auto Segmentation memory image dependencies are now respected.
  • Fixed bug where Feature Measurements set to “All” would not measure proper layers after recipe steps removed.
  • Fixed bug where cancelling adding a new layer in Session Processor would incorrectly increment the default layer name.
  • Fixed bug where canceling an Edit > Sparsely Sample Image step would rebuild the recipe.
  • Fixed bug with running optimization of Clean-up > Reject Features.
  • Fixed bug when opening pyramid Tiff with DigitalCamera and Make info fields.
  • Fixed bug with cancelling a Segmentation > Manual Edit step.
  • Fixed bug with cancelling a Feature Measurement step after editing.
  • Fixed bug preventing the opening of images from certain camera manufacturers when pyramid or thumbnail images are present.


  • Added checks for starting a training with unsaved tracings and with empty layers.
  • Fixed bug with “Optimize” in Image Processor when using a sub-region
  • Fixed bug where original zoom limits in Image Processor would reset when changing recipe steps while zoomed

  • Fixed bug where occasionally “Save Model” would not enable after a DL training in AI Session Processor.

  • Memory > Call Original now interacts properly with Crop Image steps in Image Processor.
  • Interactive measure tool in Image Processor now functions properly.
  • Fixed bug where image stack would fail to create during batch process.

  • Fixed bug where some steps would execute in 3D Toolbox even if preview window was cancelled.
  • Fixed bug where original zoom limits in Image Processor would reset when changing viewing mode while zoomed.
  • Fixed bug where AI training would occasionally error due to input image size not matching expected model size.

  • Fixed bug where Register Image did not work properly on occasion.
  • Fixed bug where Crop Image did not work properly on B/W images.

  • Fixed bug where File > Open Recent Image would then cause File > Open Image issues.
  • Fixed bug where Load Companion Image would fail when set as interruptible.
  • Fixed bug where Color Deconvolution would fail on certain .CR2 images.
  • Fixed open image error when loading a session with multipage TIF images.
  • Fixed a bug where in the Session Processor, when an error occurs during reference replacing, the session is no longer unloadable.

  • Fixed bug that caused false reports of activation failure.

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