Wake-On-LAN is a Ethernet computer networking standard that turns on wakes up a computer with a network message. For this to work properly, Wake-On-LAN must be supported and enabled by the device you need to contact.

  1. Starting Point
    This example uses a page with an empty button.
  1. Locate the Wake-On-LAN Action
  • Under the More tab, inside Actions, find Wake-On-LAN.
  1. Add Wake-On-LAN Action to The Wake Button
  • Drag the Wake-On-LAN command to the button.
  1. View Wake-On-LAN Properties
  • Click on the Wake-On-LAN command to view its properties.

Name: Optional name given to this command.
MAC Address: Enter the MAC address (physical address) of the device that receives the Wake-On-LAN packet.
Description: Optional text describing the command.
Set the MAC Address: The MAC address is the most important thing to set for the Wake-On-LAN command. Without the MAC Address, the packet has no destination.

To see the project in action, open the attached K-Touch backup file.