Because K-Touch uses mobile devices to host their GUI, a K-Touch GUI has access to more functions than a simple control panel. If your mobile device is connected to the internet, you can embed a interactive Web page directly into your K-Touch GUI.

  1. Start
    • For this demo, start with a blank page.
  1. Find the URL Widget
    • Under the More tab, expand Widgets to find the URL.
  1. Drag the URL onto the Page
    • Drag the URL widget to the page.
  1. Set URL Properties
    • Highlight the URL on the screen to reveal its properties. The following fields appear:
      • Name: Optional name for the URL.
      • Row: Vertical position of the URL widget on the grid.
      • Column: Horizontal position of the URL widget on the grid.
      • Width: Horizontal size of the URL widget on the grid.
      • Height: Vertical size of the URL widget on the grid.
      • Address: URL address of the Web site you want to visit.
      • Scale to Fit: If yes, the Web site resizes to fit the entire URL window.
      • Corner Radius: To round the corners of the URL widget, enter a number for the corner radius. The higher the number, the larger the curve.
      • Refresh Every: To automatically refresh the Web page at a timed interval, enter the number in seconds. (-1.0 = manual refresh)
    • Set URL properties to go to Google:
    • Resize the screen.
    • The Google web page on the GUI.

To see the project in action, see the attached K-Touch backup file.