K-Touch enables the integrator to create, in few simple steps, a room-control user interface application that is used on touch panels.
The touch panel and Ethernet controller are connected to the same IT network and configured with the correct IP addresses.
We recommend the following workflow for creating and programming the complete room control project:

  • Design how you want to setup your touch panel pages by initially sketching them on a piece of paper or using a design application. Include the button location, their expected control outcome, gestures needed, and so on.
  • In K-Touch Admin, open (if needed) a project per room for your specific customer. Be sure to allocate the correct type of room license for each room project.
  • From K-Touch Admin, launch K-Touch Builder. Select the correct touch panel (iOS or Android) that will be used to control the room.
  • Configure and program your designed room-control GUI using the K-Touch Builder software.
  • Finalize the programming of the control application design in K-Touch Builder and save the project.
  • Download the K-Touch application to your touch device from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Launch the App on your panel and sync it to the project account. This downloads the project program you have created and also makes use of the allocated room license.
  • Configure the network connectivity information on your touch panel to connect it to your Ethernet controller.

Once you are familiarized with K-Touch, you can follow an alternative workflow (according to your preference).
Consider these significant points:

  • Licenses are ordered via your standard ordering process and once allocated and assigned to a project are subtracted from your dealer account.
  • Identical projects, for example using the exact same control configuration for several rooms, can reuse the first-made identical configuration and require a separate license per room.
  • After using your license, initially, to download the project info to the touch panel, you can re-sync the device to change/update the screen design in this project. However, if the touch panel is broken or misplaced, you cannot reuse the license. You must use a new license to sync another touch device to the same project.