To use K-Touch, you must have credentials to access our system.
Do not confuse a K-Touch dealer account with a user account. Each company that works with K-Touch must set up a dealer account and employees of that company then create user accounts inside the dealer account.

To create a K-Touch dealer account:

  1. K-Touch Admin
    All K-Touch accounts are created and managed through the Internet. With a Web browser go to the following address:
  1. At the login screen, click Register.
  1. Enter all required company information.
    Remember that this is company information, not necessarily the information of a single user. Create users after the company is registered.
  1. Obtain the distributor ID from the local Kramer office. This distributor ID ensures that your account is created and nested under the proper Kramer office.
  1. After entering all the necessary information, click submit.
  1. Wait for Approval
    After clicking Submit, the local Kramer Office is notified. They review your information and approve your account.
  1. Once your account is approved, use the credentials you created at the initial login screen to enter your account:

Note: Information contained inside your company account is private and not viewable by Kramer Electronics.