Every button with a selected button state has associated select and deselect group tags. When a button on a panel is pressed and get

  • All other buttons with the same deselect group tag return to their default button state, to behave like radio buttons group.
  • All other buttons with the same select group tag get selected button state too, to behave like mate buttons group.
    By default, buttons with no assigned deselect group tag are automatically grouped together.
  1. Starting Point
    In this example, our configuration controls the inputs of two TVs. All buttons have default, pressed and selected button states.
  1. Without Group Tags
    In this example, if these buttons have no assigned deselect group tags, they are automatically grouped together.
    If we select the Apple TV button for TV 1, not only do the comptuer and Blu-ray buttons for TV 1 return to their default state, all three
    input buttons for TV 2 do as well.
    Only one of the six buttons at a time is permitted to be in the selected button state.
  1. Determine Groups
  • For each TV to operate separately, add deselect group tags to the buttons.
  • Buttons with the same deselect group tag operate as a group, so we group the buttons as in the following image:
  1. Edit the Buttons
  • Starting with the TV 1 buttons, give each button the same deselect group tag. This tag can be anything as long as it is the same for each button. In this example,
    use the tag $inputs_tv1$.
  • To assign the tag we need open the properties of the button. Either double-click a button or right-click the button and select Edit Button.
  1. Set the Tags
  • In the edit button screen, add a deselect group tag ($inputs_tv1$) to this button.
  • Repeat the process for all three TV 1 input buttons.
  • Do the same thing for the three TV 2 input buttons. For these, use a different deselect group, such as $inputs_TV2$.
  1. Finished
    Now that each group of three buttons has their own deselect group tag, selecting a TV 1 button only affects the other TV 1 buttons and selecting a TV 2 button only affects the other TV 2 buttons.