This article will detail how to control Kramer’s VIA Collaboration products from Kramer’s K-Touch control system. This is just an exercise but will show you the core concepts involved in integrating VIA into your custom control system.

  1. Starting point
  1. Find the VIA module
  • In the K-Touch builder, under the more tab, open modules and you will find Kramer VIA
  1. Add VIA module to the project
  • Drag the VIA module to your control GUI
  1. Modify VIA module properties

Name: User name for the VIA module.
Row: Vertical location of the module.
Column: Horizontal location of the module
Width: Horizontal size of the module
Height: Vertical size of the module
Corner Radius: Radius of the corners of the module
Background Color: Color of the module’s background
Font: Select the font of the module text.
Font Size: Select the size of the text.
Text Color: Select the color of the text.
Background Color

Note: “A” is transparancy. With transparancy set to 0, you will have no background, no matter what the settings your choose.

  1. VIA module device is automatically added to devices
  • If you notice, a device called “VIA Module” was automatically added to your device list
  1. Create buttons for other commands
  • Drag other buttons onto the screen
  1. Add commands to these buttons
  • The VIA device containing commands can be found by browsing the device library.
  • Drag these commands to the correct buttons
  • Use wake on lan for power on

  • Use ‘reset’ for end meeting
  1. Incorporate status feedback
  • Add text labels tell the user what you are showing
  • In the feedbacks tab drag the feedbacks you want to use onto the screen. (VIA feedback can be found by browsing the feedback libraries)
  • Format and rename feedbacks
  1. Set up queries
  • Some feedbacks are not sent automatically and require you to ask the device a question to get an answer
  • Set up two entrances, one that repeats and one that only asks when you enter the panel
  • Drag the proper commands to each entrance
  1. Save and sync your project
  1. Create a VIA Gateway
  • Configure the gateway (use username and password for admin user)
  • Add devices to the gateway
  • Save the gateway
  1. Finished
  • This is how the project will look when it is finished
  • Download the attached IRL upload it to your builder (iPad only)