Sometimes you need to send a message to the user. It could be a waiting message issued when a macro is executing, a message instructing how to contact technical support, or an error warning, etc.

  1. Starting Point
    This example creates a help button on the screen that alerts the user to contact technical support if there is a problem with the room.
  • Drag a button to a blank page.
  1. Find the Message Action
  • Under the More > Actions, find the Message action.
  1. Drag the Action to the Button
  • To have the message pop up when pressing the Help button, drag the message action to the button.
  • Edit the button to see the empty action on the button.
  1. View Message Properties
  • To show the message properties, click the message action in the edit button screen.

Name: Optional name for the action.
Display: Show or hide the message.
Title: Combines with text to tell the user what to do when the action is activated. Title text is on top and bold.
Text: Combines with the title to tell the user what to do when the action is activated. Text is non-bold and below the title.

  1. Enter Message Properties
  • Fill in the properties as needed for our application.
  1. Set the Duration of the Message
    There are two ways to close the message:
  • When the macro ends: after the button macro is completed, the message automatically disappears.
  • By hiding the message: to remove the message before the macro has ended, add another message action that hides the message.

In this application, the message terminates at the end of the macro.

  • To extend the macro so the user has time to read the message, add a delay action to the macro and set the delay to 5.0 seconds.

6. Finished
When the user presses the help button, the message pops up for 5 seconds as shown below.

To see the project in action, open the attached K-Touch backup file.