K-Touch projects are cloud based. This means that projects are built and stored on the internet using a Web browser. While the cloud is a safe and secure way to store your information, it is also important to save the completed project on your computer as a file.

K-Touch Backup allows you to download a project to a single file for local storage.

  1. Backup your Project
  • When you are ready to save your project locally to your computer, click on the File menu in the builder.
  1. Click Backup
  1. Find and Rename the File
  • After clicking Backup, a file automatically downloads to the default download folder for your Web browser.
  • After locating the .IRL file, rename it to any name and store it on your computer.
  • The default filename format is: Kramer backup [username] (date time).irl
    This small file contains all the details about your project and can be restored to the builder at any time.