K-Touch is a comprehensive cloud-based platform that lets dealers easily design advanced room-control and automation systems that can be operated from most iOS or Android touch panels.
The K-Touch system lets the installer easily integrate common touch devices as user interfaces into a Kramer-based room control system. By configuring the Kramer room controller to communicate over standard IT networks with an iOS or Android touch device, and designing the required control screen on the cloud screen designer (no need to install it on the PC), a complete, advanced, touch-based room control system is available. In particular it supports:

  • Hundreds of touch panels – K-Touch is supported on iOS and most common Android phones and tablets. With its easy-to-use free App available in the App Store and Google Play, K-Touch is your ultimate fits-all control solution
  • Cloud Based System – K-Touch Admin and K-Touch Builder are online cloud-based systems. Created user panels can be downloaded to their mobile device with the touch of a button, and can then be modified over the Internet at any given moment. To complete the change, re-sync the system
  • Mixed types of Hardware Panels and Touch Panels
  • Kramer Ethernet Controllers – Kramer’s Ethernet controllers offer a host of control ports (RS-232, GPIO, relays or IR) that can be controlled using K-Touch via a touch panel device.For example, the Kramer FC-26 which is a hardware and software interface system for bidirectional control of RS-232 (two ports) and IR-controllable devices (four ports) via an Ethernet LAN, as well as via the Internet and can be controlled from mobile devices. Kramer Ethernet controller series also includes the FC-132ETH, FC-22ETH, FC-20 and others.

Programing projects with K-Touch requires dedicated training. Ask your local Kramer office or local distributor about course availability and training options.