K-Touch requires a device driver for every device that it controls. Kramer maintains and updates a library of device drivers for thousands of commonly used 3rd party devices.
If the device you are trying to control does not exist in our library, there are two solutions:

#1. Create a new device from scratch using K-Touch Builder to directly create or edit devices. This requires knowledge of the 3rd party device protocol to enter commands into the system.


#2. Ask Kramer to create a custom driver for you. Fill out an online form to send details of your device to Kramer’s Technical Support Department. We research the device, create the driver and add it to our database.

This solution explains how to request a device driver from Kramer.

  1. Go to Kramer’s Web Site
  1. Support Tab
  • Click on the Support tab.
  1. Request a Driver
  • Scroll down on the page and click, ‘Request a Driver’.
  1. Fill Out Request Form
  • A request form pops up. Fill it out.
  1. Submit the Form
  • After filling out the form, click submit to send your request to Kramer Technical Support.

    After submitting your request, an email is automatically generated and sent to our device driver team.
    Although most device drivers are completed quickly, allow up to two weeks for our team to fulfill your request.