In this solution, the customer wants to embed a Web page in their GUI but also wants to navigate to any Web page they choose, not just what is programmed in the builder.

  1. Starting Point
    Start with a page that has a URL inside, currently set to Google.
  1. Set the URL Address to a Variable
  • Click on the URL on the page and view its properties.
  • Enter in the Address field a variable called $web_address$ with a default value of ‘’.
  1. Add a Button to the Page
  • Add a button to the page called Set URL. This is the button the user presses to change the URL address.
  1. Drag Input Variable Action
  • Drag the input variable action to this button.
  1. Set Input Variable Properties
    Now the input variable action command is in the ‘Set URL’ button.
  • Edit the button and select the action to set its properties.

6. Finished

  • When a user wants to change a Web address viewed in the URL window, they press the Set URL button that prompts the user to enter a new address.

  • After pressing OK, the new Web site apears in the URL window.

To see the project in action, open the attached K-Touch backup file.